Weldon Park Pond, ON - Charlotte N.

When I was young at the pond, I remember running beside the water, embracing its beauty as I got sprinkled by the geese landing in the water. I remember the fish swimming alongside me, the ducks quacking as they swam, and the birds chirping an oh-so-sweet melody. We were all in harmony, peacefully, joyfully, playing as the sun beamed down at us.

When I was young at the pond, I remember the weather being just cold enough that the pond froze, turning from a foggy blue to a solid light blue. As the moon began to rise and the sun began to set, I took my first two steps on the majestic frozen pond. Frogs croaking as I took my first breath, the wind howling in my ears, and the sky gazing above me as I go. Until midnight I skated as the stars danced above me.

When I was young at the pond, I always played hide and seek with my sisters, one round, then another, then another, until we had to go home for dinner. Never wanting to leave, we always tried to convince our parents to stay a little longer, and we were always sad to leave. In the cold, the warmth, the cloudiness, the rain, we played, around the pond, as the sun began to set off the horizon.

At the pond, I always remember gazing upon the lush green view, not touched by anyone. Nature had taken over. The ecosystem thrived as the seasons went by, ducklings, fish, tadpoles, there was new life every day. I remember looking for small critters like frogs and toads to catch and show off to my sisters, trying to impress them.

Weldon Pond, ON
Charlotte N.

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