Eels Creek, Upper Stoney Lake, Kawarthas - Jennifer Ruddy

My Watermark is Eels Creek, Upper Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas. When I was twelve, our family moved from Timmins to Kingston; I was furious, though I don't know if I was furious about the move or just being twelve. We were able to take a break from the dreaded moving process by spending time at a family cottage on Clear Lake, just north of Lakefield, ON. There, I would regularly escape my family by 'liberating' the cottage's small motorboat with 20 horsepower and flying up the lake along the Trent-Severn waterway into Upper Stoney. Almost directly across from Crowe's Landing, you will find the mouth of Eels Creek. Following this waterway, you can find a lovely little set of rapids and falls - perfect swimming for all. If you paddle further up, you will reach High Falls, another incredible drop over granite. This little river saved me that summer.

Stoney Lake, ON
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Jennifer Ruddy

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