Stoney Lake, ON - Violet G

Every summer, I go to my cottage on stoney lake. I have been on this lake since I was six. Every time I go to this lake there is never a bad time when I'm on the water whether that means on the boat, surfing, tubing, jet skis. I always have the most fun at the lake.

On calm days, the lake is clear as glass and shimmers with sparkles in the sun. On cloudy days, it is still very cool on the water, the big waves have white caps and the sky is all gloomy.

Stoney Lake is so special to me it always will have a place in my heart. It reminds me of family and friends and the community is always so close. Every year when there's a huge storm, we will watch it hit the water and you can see the clouds drop down and the rain hit the water very aggressively but it is so pleasing to watch.

My absolute favourite thing on Stoney is surfing. When I go surfing there is never a dull moment. I always love to try new tricks and see all the dark, shining, beautiful waves around me.

I always feel connected when I go out to wakesurf; I wish I could go all year round. The sunsets on this lake are just absolutely lovely. You can see all of the colours in the sky lowering in the distance over the rocks and the lake. It is just stunning. The sunrises are just as pretty or sometimes even better than the sunset. When you wake up for the sunrise it's so amazing to see, it almost looks unreal.

In the winter it is very gorgeous on the lake. When the lake freezes I love to go skate and play hockey with friends and family. Going for walks on the lake when it's frozen and going to explore the islands is so fun and amazing to see the beautiful land that is around you. Sledding on the hills you can find that lead back to the water and seeing the nature and animals surrounded.

Any season on the lake is amazing and is absolutely stunning. I love my lake and I will always love to be there. Always value what you have and cherish it every moment you can.

Stoney Lake, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Violet G

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