Fanshawe Lake, ON - Lilienne M.

When I was young at Fanshawe Lake

When I was young at Fanshawe lake, I saw fish, algae, and lily pads in the water. As I was watching the fish swim, together, freely, I pushed my boat, it slid into the water and made a giant splash, I started to paddle farther and farther from the shore. As I lifted my
paddles, the little droplets made giant ripples in the water and broke the calmness of it. My dad flung his fishing rod far into the lake and I remember seeing how it startled the fish at first, but then they started gathering around the hook and eating the bait. My dad started pulling the line too early, so it scared the fish, and we came home without a catch.

When I was young at the lake, I remember complaining about the scorching weather, and how I was boiling under the heat of the sun. I felt the water occasionally, and it felt cool and refreshing, I heard the sound of the birds chirping, insects buzzing, and the leaves on the tall trees swishing. I tasted the tomatoes, cheese, and pickles I had in my hamburger for lunch and smelled the beautiful flowers that were growing on the warm, moist, dirt beside me. I remember the pebbles in the water looked so smooth, and how I collected some to paint when I went home.

When I was young at the lake, I felt calm, relaxed, and peaceful, just like the water. I watched the fish swim by my boat. I watched as the birds flew around the trees, and I watched as they flew to their kids waiting patiently, high up in their nests to be fed. I felt joyful because I was on the lake with my family, my dog, the fish, birds, and plants. My dog and I would sit and watch other people on their canoes, sailboats, and paddleboards, gliding through the water and breaking the calmness of it as if it were glass.

At Fanshawe Lake, I remember how the sun shined down on the water and made it glow. I remember how you could see your reflection on the surface of the water. But if you looked deeper into the lake, beyond yourself, you could see all the fish swimming with the flow of the water, as if it was carrying them. Fanshawe lake will always have a special place in my heart because of all the memories I made in that one day.

Fanshawe Lake, ON
Lilienne M.

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