Tobermory Lake, ON - Ace D

My watermark is on Tobermory Lake, ON. This body of water is very important to me because near it is a place called Flowerpot Island, which my family and I are ecstatic about. We have gone to Flowerpot Island every time we decided we were going to go to Tobermory, which is a lot. We have done this for many years because some of my family like to dive there. While we are at Flowerpot we like to hike up to the lighthouse store, then go to a special spot and swim for the rest of the time. Sometimes we stay there for lunch after we have a swim. We do this at the picnic tables by the water as we watch other boats go by.

My family has made lots of amazing memories there. One time when we were there we decided to bring our dogs. We went for our usual hike and then swimming. At the cliffside, my dog Toby, who is 7 years old, swam with me for the first time. To me, this was amazing considering he has hated water his entire life. Ever since that day he has only swum with me and will not go in the water with anyone else if I’m not in there as well. I hope you enjoyed my watermark. I know we sure loved making these memories.

Tobermory Lake, ON
Janine De Vree
Ace D

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Tobermory Lake, ON
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