Tobermory Lake, ON - Kathryn B

My Watermark is Tobermory Lake, Ontario.

When I was young I went to Tobermory Lake, my family and I went during summer holidays and it was so much fun. I went with my mom, dad, brothers Mackenzie and Nicholas, Uncle Wes, Aunt Amy, cousins Rilee and Hailee. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins stayed for three days but the rest of us stayed for one week.

My family and I stayed in a cabin and a trailer. It was always sunny. The weather was beautiful, we would have campfires every night. We would always sing songs around the campfire and have a great time.

Me and my family went on a boat. There were two levels to the boat. At the bottom, you can see sunken ships and different things under the water. At the top, there were benches to sit on and a beautiful view of the lake. We went swimming in the lake and jumped off of big rocks. When we went in the lake and the water went 3 meters out and then dropped 73 feet.

My family and I would go to the park. There was a mall and we went shopping. We went out for lunch and had a great time. It was probably the best vacation I have ever been on in my whole life.

Tobermory Lake, ON
Kathryn B

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