Sauble Beach, ON - Ryan B

When I was young at the beach, I would spend time at my cousin’s house to stay over for a couple of days. We went to Ascendant Arial park, which was right next to the beach. We ran through the courses like it was nothing. I only went once that summer, and not before, for I had not heard of this park and beach prior to that trip. I slept in one of my cousin’s rooms, so snug and comfy, ready to swim the next day.

When I was young at the beach, I would hear kids and families having fun. Massive waves crashed ahead of me as we approached the shore. I could feel the sand, gritty and soft and hot, between my toes and the sun burning above me. I was anxiously awaiting my plunge into the cool water. I remember tasting the water of Lake Huron and the little pieces of sand with it. This is just a small memory compared to the taste of the savoury, gooey, tasty poutine we had for lunch.

When I was young at the beach, I felt very happy. My cousins and I would even build moats to protect the sand castles from the incoming water. Once we buried my cousin, and he couldn’t move or escape. We padded him down and jumped on him to make sure he was snug and immobile. We often swam far, but our parents would call us back. Our next favourite activity would be water fights, pushing water with our arms with strength at each other, and being hit by massive waves. It was so much fun, we were all sad that it was soon over.

At the beach, I’ll always remember the thrill of the park and the waves and the sand castles we made. How we took turns playing games that we all agreed on. The nice tan I got from the blazing sun. And of course, the amazing time I spent with my family.

Sauble Beach, ON
Ryan B

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