Sauble Beach, ON - Fallyn F

When I was young at Sauble beach I remember watching the big, fluffy and kind of scary dogs run around the beach on the rough, gritty and yellow sand. I would spend most of my time digging holes and building sand castles and making friends. It was a lot of fun having lunch on the beach too.

When I was young at Sauble beach I remember feeling the cold, wet and gritty sand in between my toes and the strong and salty and earthy smell of the beach. But there were never many rocks or seaweed in the water. There was the stream of water leading to the ocean but I always wished that it was clean and clear and sparkling.

When I was young at Sauble beach I would beg my mom to allow me to get something from the many stores that lined the streets. We would also sometimes watch the low tide at sunset. One time I met a friend passing through to St. Thomas and so we went and got ice cream and went for a swim at 8:00 at night and watched the sunset.

I love going to Sauble beach every year. I always make a lot of memories but I just wish the water was more blue and the sand was white and soft and not yellow and gritty.

Sauble Beach, ON
Fallyn F

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