Sturgeon Lake, ON - William B

Every other weekend my dad and I go up to Sturgeon Lake to visit my grandparents and go fishing. My whole family drove up to Sturgeon early Saturday morning. We had a visit with our grandparents but we were there to fish.

Usually, my brother doesn't want to go fishing with us but this time he did. My dad, my brother and I went out on the lake and started fishing. It was a beautiful morning with the sun glazing off the top of the water and just cool enough so I wasn't hot. We got to the spot we wanted to fish near some rocks and I hooked on my favourite lure. My dad already had his line out. I swung back my rod and my brother started yelling! The hook was caught on his ear!

We all listen and laugh to this story now and my brother doesn't come out fishing. We still come to the lake today and it played a very good role in me and my brother's childhood.

Sturgeon Lake, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
William B

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