Northumberland Strait, PE - Brooke M

Hi! My name is Brooke and today I’m going to be telling you why I’m connected to the singing sands beach in Basin Head PP, PEI.

I have family in PEI so naturally, I’m connected to it. Each time we go to PEI we would go to singing sands beach. The sand was warm between my toes as it whistled and squeaked when I walked on it. The water looked so smooth and calm just sitting there. As I ran in, the water was warm and the water had made a certain pattern in the sand that I could feel with my toes. The smell was so fresh. My dad came into the water and we swam a little further. As we got further away from the shore, the water got colder.

My dad was holding me because I was scared of the jellyfish and fish, but although I was scared, it was so peaceful. We waited a few minutes then began to swim back to shore. Coming out of the water was freezing, there was a brisk breeze that I felt tickle my cheek. I didn't want to catch a cold so I started to dry off. I couldn't help looking at the water, It looked so calm but playful, so neverending and mysterious. I smiled and felt as though it was smiling back at me. I had the most amazing experience with this water in the singing sands beach.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Brooke M

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