Georgian Bay, ON - Aidan HH

In summer of 2020, I went on a 8-day canoe trip on the French River and Georgian Bay. There was a chain of islands all around 20-50 feet apart. My friend and I decided to go on a swimming journey. We swam to the first island, stood up and looked at the 8 more islands we had to travel. After an hour or two we had reached the final island.

The wind was immense, blowing my hair back way over my head. I felt as though I was the ruler of the world. I looked out at the vast horizon, nothing in sight, not a rock, not a boat, nothing. Looking just to the right were enormous mountains towering down on the land. There were powerful gusts of wind hitting my body, it felt like nature and I were connecting and that’s why I chose Georgian Bay as my Watermark.

Georgian Bay, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Aidan HH

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