Grand Bend Beach, ON - Tiago J

When I was young at the beach with my family, I would jump straight into the water. I would swim playfully in the semi-clear water with my brother, splashing each other. I remember the water feeling cool and then warm over time, not too deep. There were surfers and people in boats and people on jet skis.

I remember when I would climb on the massive rocks with my dad. Although it was fun, I did feel a little scared thinking that I might fall between the rocks. The sense of adventure took over the fear and I would forget about falling and jump from rock to rock with passion.

I remember that the beach there wasn't packed with people, but the streets did have a lot of surfers perusing the various surf board shops. Everywhere I went, it smelled like fish. I once had fish and chips there and it was so enjoyable.

I would go to the beach every summer when it was hot, the water to play in the warm water that was not too deep. My brother and I would joke and mess around in the water and have fun. Grand Bend always holds a special place in my heart.

Tiago J

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