Grand Bend Beach, ON - Ian K.

Grand Bend Beach

When I was young at the beach, I remember collecting smooth, glimmering, and shiny rocks from the water, which I would soon give to my mother to bring home. I still have them, and now they sit in my living room, although they have lost their shine from the water and the sun. I remember picking out the small colourful ones from the hot sand. When I look at them now, I feel as if they’ve become tinier, or the amount is reduced.

When I was young at the beach, I heard the waves crashing against the shore as I sat on the sand. After a swim. I would soon dig a hole in the sand or begin collecting souvenirs. I tasted the Wendy’s that my family deliberately brought to share with their friends. There was a lot of wind that day, so the fries and nuggets had some sand in them. On a different occasion, after everything, we would walk back to the tables near where we parked. Then we would have hot, delicious, and tasty barbecue, hot off of the grill, for some reason it tastes different from a normal summer barbecue.

When I was young at the beach, I was happy when I was there, but then I would forget about it until I went there again. On the way I would normally be annoyed, frustrated, and angry, I felt like I could have just stayed back home watching TV or playing video games instead of having to ride in a car for two hours. I always enjoyed it while I was there and on the way back. Looking back, it doesn’t feel like a waste of a weekend. And now, I kind of miss that feeling of resenting the trip, and then cherishing it.

At the beach, I always played in the dry sand, swam in the waters, and ate the assortment of snacks my mom brought, from rice crackers to granola bars. I skipped rocks on the water. I would barely get them to skip more than once or twice. Finding the right rocks was even more of a doozy. I remember chasing fish around; I would see them in the shallow waters. Even if I couldn’t get any fish, I would still like it, even the strange lure my dad made out of a cup. The beach will be a trip that I will never forget, and that I’ll love forever.

Ian K.

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