Grand Bend Beach, ON - Adam K

When I was young at the beach, I remember feeling relieved that we finally arrived after two hours, my family and I. Once we got there, we stopped by my mom’s old work places, a jewellery shop and a bakery which smelled like fresh baked cakes. After this, we walked around and got some hot dogs and soda and chips for lunch.

When I was young at the beach, my sister and I would stop at the park and play with each other. After that, we would walk down to the docks where there’s a lighthouse, boats, and jets. We would see lots of people having fun and hanging out with each other. We would then walk to set up our items somewhere along the beach.

When I was young at the beach, I would sit down and look at the bright blue sky with heat striking down on me making me feel hot and sweaty. I would look at the clean water’s waves, making me feel relaxed. After a while, my parents would always want to bury me in the sand. I always agreed and ten minutes later I would be buried with only my head sticking out! I would break out, dirty with sand all over me. My sister and I would then go swimming in the ocean, play tag, and find cool rocks to put them in our big bucket.

At the beach, before we would go home, we would go get hamburgers and fries and talk about how fun our big day had been. We would always look at the sunset and lay down in the sand. At the end, while we were packing up, I remember always looking to see if
the rocks we buried from the previous year were there. Once we found them, we would use them and skip them across the water. After, we would see who could get the most skips. Then, we would of course grab the rocks we found this time and bury them in the
same spot. I am already excited about our visit to the beach next year.

Adam K

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