Lake Banook, NS - Cameron Deacoff

My Watermark is Lake Banook, Nova Scotia.

During the spring of 2010 my colleagues and I decided to enter a team into the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival held on Lake Banook. We met and practiced on the lake twice before the big day - July 10. It was a spectacular day, warm and sunny, and 70 teams turned out to take their turns muscling the heavy boats down the 200m course.

Although some teams were more skilled than others, almost everyone got wet. Even those whose boats overturned and ended up swimming didn't have their spirits dampened, as the music, food, and great camaraderie among all participants made it a fun day for all. The best part for me, besides the fun, was knowing that the event had made great contributions towards supporting amateur sport across Nova Scotia.

Lake Banook, NS
Kelly Schnare
Cameron Deacoff

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