Lake Banook, NS - Rose Featherstone

#RAH2050, Aug, 20, 2019

…..have to get to a certain size and body weight to be able to accomplish the feat of swimming across the lake from beneath from Bannock canoe club to Berto Beach and I did that with my friends. We weren't strong swimmers but we took our time, managed it across and then there we were we accomplished the feat that only a Dartmouthian would accomplish and about thirty years later guess probably 40 years later my daughter accomplished the same feat with her friends and not too long ago I was down at the beach and I saw another group of young teenagers attempting the same ritual.

So that's one of my fondest memories of the lake of course I don't know if I'd want to attempt it now with the weeds in there. But there's so many things wrong with this lake that I just really don't even know where to start there's like besides the weeds and the algae bloom. There's an invasive snail species in the lake and I don't know if it's appropriate for the canoe clubs to have competitions with people leaving the lake and not having some kind of sanitation station to for them to clean off their equipment so that they don't take the invasive species with them to their home club. But like I said between the phosphorus and the e.coli and the algae blooms and the weeds it's really just a mess and it really needs attention!

Lake Banook, NS
Kelly Schnare
Rose Featherstone

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