Lake Banook, NS - Gloria Mccluskey

#RAH2050 Aug 20, 2019

I live on Victoria Road in Dartmouth and I want to talk about is Birch Cove Beach in twenty thirteen fourteen fifteen when I was the councillor we got the blue flag three years consecutively because of the quality of water and since then 17-18 and again this year the lake has been closed, what is going on and who's trying to find out and cure it.

I've been coming to these Lakes for years my kids were paddlers, my grandkids paddlers and we used to spend the summers on the lake. I don't have any paddlers now my RBC Olympian retired in 2016 so I don't have any paddlers but that doesn't mean I don't have the same interest and and keep thinking about how very lucky we are to have these great lakes so let's get our act together and look after them. Where could you go to find a city of lakes like we have and then to not to care about them.

My favourite memories of Banook is when we were city of Dartmouth and we looked after her lakes we had a Lakes Advisory Board who kept us informed as to what was happening in the lakes and as I said we looked after our lakes we had we bragged about the pristine lakes we had that's my best memory!

Lake Banook, NS
Kelly Schnare
Gloria Mccluskey

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