Atlantic Ocean, USA - Emily A.

My Watermark is the Atlantic Ocean in Florida.

This is me and my family's favourite body of water. When we went on our disney cruise we had to stay at a hotel for the night because we couldn't get on the ship until 2:30 pm the next day. When we woke up the next morning we had to kill some time until we could get on the boat. My grandparents had already been up for two hours before we got up, so they had more time to look around Miami. They knew that the beach was five minutes away from our hotel, They went back to our hotel to get us up, They said that we would love the beach and that we needed to go there.

We got to the beach, I was speechless! The water was so blue and beautiful. We were there for an hour and we were just starting to get tried. As we were leaving we saw two wild stingrays, They didn't care that we were there, They just wanted to enjoy the water and sunshine.

We started to pack up and leave the beach. But I didn’t know that we were going to a different place. When my dad and my grandparents were booking the hotel they called the hotel and asked what was the turtle walk because they found that online. The turtle walk is where you walk down a sidewalk that is full of painted giant turtles that people made. We got a lot of pictures of the Ocean and the turtles that day.

That’s my favorite body of water.

Claire Lawson
Emily A.

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