Lake Nosbonsing, ON - James Dinn

My Watermark is Lake Nosbonsing, Ontario.

We had a cottage about 10ft from the lake, and in the '70s we went out to cut our own Christmas tree there for the season. It was about -40 degrees out and I was scraping frost off the inside of the truck. After I cut the tree, I tossed it into the trailer and my wife asked if I had tied it down. "Of course," I said.

So, we started driving through the bush back to the cottage and I had the lights on in the trailer. I asked the kids if the tree was still back there and they said no. So we drove back, and we found our little tree on the side of the road with half the branches scraped off. It became our Charlie Brown Christmas tree and it was our most favourite Christmas tree.

Claire Lawson
James Dinn

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