Toronto Harbour, ON - Sarah Magee

My Watermark is the Toronto Harbour of Lake Ontario.

Toronto has been my home for 8 years. As soon as I moved to Toronto I joined the St. James Sailing Club, which is down by Cherry Beach. We sail in Lake Ontario with denese size boats, cats, albacores, and lasers and I've been sailing there now for 8 years. It's a fantastic community, fantastic club fantastic way to get out on the water and get out of the city within seconds. It is a great opportunity.

I spend all summer there, and a lot of time on the water or beside the water. We do a lot of swimming as well on hot days, off the club pier mostly. It's a stretch of four or five clubs. There's sailing clubs, rowing clubs, surfing clubs, etc. It is a great community of people who really love to be on the water.

It's just so wonderful to be on the water and be in a natural setting, right outside the city. That's really important because if you want to get out of the huge metropolitan area, it takes a long time to go via car. But if you hit Lake Ontario, you are there within seconds.

It is extremely peaceful, it's relaxing and it allows a great balance for your life, to get that time out in nature, in the peacefulness and quietness. It's a different view of the city as well. It helps temper the things that are maybe not so great about living in a huge metropolitan area. That's why I love it.

Charly Caproff
Sarah Magee

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