Lake Ontario, ON - Hayley Shaughnessy

One of my favorite memories from high school is when my friends and I would, I’m from Peterborough, would drive to Cobourg Beach which is like 40 minutes away. And we would drive after dark on either a weeknight or on the weekend and we would go to the beach just to dip our feet in the water and splash around then we would come home. So we would probably spend the same amount of time as we did at the beach as we did driving back or even probably longer. But it was just to be somewhere different and outside of town and go do something and put your feet in the water which you can’t really do in Peterborough. It is something that I really enjoyed.

They have a water front festival each year so a massive beach that we used to hang out on on the weekends as well. Awesome little town. Cobourg is on Lake Ontario.

It just sparks a memory of really not giving a care in the world and just being with friends and being in the moment and having some fun. Like a simple amount of fun. It was nice. And this was probably when I was in grade 10 and I’m 26, so it was around 2006 I’d say, ya so 10 years ago.

I haven’t been back to Cobourg beach in quite a while. Actually I was there in the summertime and we did the same thing. We were just driving through coming back from our cottage, putting our feet in the water, then got in the car and left. So it is a nice place to have memories.

It was also nice to go in the evening when there was barely anyone around so you kind of felt like you had the whole place to yourself too.

Lake Ontario, ON
Hayley Shaughnessy

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