Moira Lake, ON - Brad McNevin

My Watermark is Moira Lake, Ontario.

I like to fish and I have a few daughters who also like to fish. One of my favourite fishing moments happened last year while I was with my whole family, and some friends of ours, on their pontoon boat. While we were there, just before dark, my ten year old daughter Megan caught a Musky! She was screaming because she was so excited. Finally however, she reeled the large musky in.

The next day when we woke up, my friend Mark, that I was fishing with called and said, ‘Is Megan all right?’ and I said ‘Yeah, why?’ and he said, ‘Does she have any hair left?’ and I said, ‘Yes, why?’ Then he told me that he went out to put the rod away, and said that there was so much blond hair caught in the reel. My daughter has long blond hair that she reeled in as she was reeling in the fish, and didn’t notice because she was so excited. The reel is now caught with a lot of hair from Megan’s head.

Moira Lake, ON
Nadia Abdel - Aziz
Brad McNevin

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