Lake Muskoka, ON - Nicholas

My Watermark is Lake Muskoka, Ontario.

The memory that sticks out to the most was from my childhood. Me and my family went to a cottage up in Huntsville, Ontario. One day, my uncle decided to take us out tubbing on the lake. Of course, one tub wasn’t enough for my family, so we had two tubs tied to the back dragging behind the boat. I, being the youngest had to stay in the boat. But, my cousin and sister got to ride on the back in tubs. As started going the waves in out channel of the lake slowly became bigger and bigger until they were crashing into each other.

At this point my uncle decided to drive through the massive waves. This of course threw the tubs into the air, and my sister and cousin as well. While in the air my cousin somehow was able to end up on my sister and they both came crashing on to the tub on top of each other. My sister was okay but my cousin laid there lifeless in the water. She quickly re-awoke and began to cry. Turns out she knocked her front tooth out and suffered a pretty bad concussion. So, I guess, never tie two tubs to the same boat, it’s a bad idea.

Lake Muskoka, ON
Madison Allen
Nicholas N/A

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