Georgian Bay, ON - Mariam Jammal

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

We went to two different locations in Tobermory. First, we went to a local area called, Mermaid Cove. The water there was crystal clear and it was a rocky beach instead of sand beach, so you could look into the water and see everything in perfect detail. I know coming from Toronto there are a lot of beaches, but nothing is that clean. The Toronto beaches are not clean, and they’re not clear either.

We spent a few hours just staring at the water, and just thought, ‘Wow! This water is so clear!’ We did not anticipate that.

The next day we went to Bruce Peninsula National Park, and we hiked there for a while. When we finally got into the grotto, and climbed onto a little ledge and looked out...I could not believe what I was seeing. The way the water shifted into different shades of blue, the further in you went was shocking. You just don’t expect to see that naturally, and I think that’s because I live in Toronto and the water is simply not blue and crystal clear.

Georgian Bay, ON
Stephanie Barron
Mariam Jammal

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