Atlantic Ocean, USA - Kelly Mullen

My Watermark is the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

The Atlantic Ocean covers the entire east coast and I grew up on basically the entire east coast of the US, so starting in Philadelphia and growing up I lived in Delaware and we were always on the beach, in New Jersey and we spent pretty much all of our time on the beach and then even in rivers, like the Chesapeake River, which comes off of the ocean.

So I'm just always surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and then when I came down to Florida to go to college, it was right there again. So the differences as you go down the whole east coast of the US, the water is so different, and there are so many different types of animals and species just going through the few hours of the east coast. So that's why the Atlantic Ocean is so important to me.

Fraser Riverkeeper
Charly Caproff
Kelly Mullen

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