Georgian Bay, ON - Itemachandra Jayatena

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the beach with my family to go swimming. There were a couple of places that we already selected, but we couldn’t enter any of the beaches, except for Tobermory Beach. Once I got there, we had a really nice time. The water was beautiful and blue, with no sediments. The sand was also very nice, so we had a really good time. I was really happy we had that kind of experience, because people really need it.

Coming from a different ethnic background, I still felt that people should claim these moments and go out and enjoy the water. In terms of politics, economics, and private sector involvement, I know there are many different activities people are apart of. However, we can not neglect the beauty of our water; you have to protect them from harm. I think the private sector, and the government need to gear up to overcome the difficulties the waterbodies in Canada face. I think the government should do more to support Canada’s waterways.

Georgian Bay, ON
Weiyuan Che
Itemachandra Jayatena

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