Hudson Bay, QC - Ryley S

When I was young at the bay I sat in the yellow kayak and dipped my fingers in the cold water. It made my whole body shiver. Once I rowed to a sunken boat that was old and seaweedy and had a pointy thing sticking up from it. Because I have a fear of things underwater, I remember this really freaked me out. I rowed out even further, where I noticed there was a row of rocks almost a straight line of them. I ended up going to the dock and letting the sun beat down on me

When I was young at the bay I walked down to the beach after dinner. The weather was perfect, warm but not too warm. I looked out into the water and saw the reflection of the moon. I brought down some bread so I could feed the ducks who would come every night except this time I was surprised to see that there were baby ducks. Some would eat right out of my hand. After they left, I would sit down on the cool sand and run my fingers through it and dip my toes in the water. It was so peaceful.

When I was young at the bay I walked on the Bruce Trail. There were emerald green trees all around with bits of sun coming through the leaves. I felt a cool breeze against my shoulder. It was nice. I saw a space in between the trees and bushes so I looked out and saw that I was on top of a cliff. I remember walking down the trail and seeing a cave. It was damp but not deep. I explored a stream that led to the bay and I followed it. At the rocky beach, I went in the water and it was surprisingly warm. I went in even further but the rock was way too slippery so I had to go back. On my way back I cut my foot but I was fine, I walked back to the cottage.

I loved to go on boat rides and watch the sun go down. The beautiful color shined across the sky. I looked at the shimmering water as it splashed on my face. We sailed around the sunken boat. I saw the little ducklings, and we passed the rocky beach. It reminded me of what happened that day from sunrise to sunset.

Hudson Bay, QC
Ryley S

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