Lake Erie, ON - Robert R

When I was young at Port Stanley beach

When I was young at Port Stanley beach, I always had fun. I would always bug to come back and I did many time I still go there to this day. It was a great highlight to my amazing fun summers and many to come. I would always run into the nice warm water and feel it rush around my feet it's a very relaxing feeling. I would also meet new friends there we would play games in the water until the beach would close its almost like the day would never end.

When I was young at Port Stanley beach, I remember times like mother's day where me and all my family would take my mom out to the restaurant and eat amazing seafood and take her out to gift shops to buy flowers for her amazing day. After we always couldn't wait to go the water and go swimming me and my brother would always play football I love playing games with him.

When I was young at Port Stanley beach, I would go boating. I loved being on the boat and feeling the fresh air flow through you. We would always go so far out the farther out the nicer it got, the has been times where we have gone so far out we can’t see shore it's like the water never ended.We also went fishing a lot on the boat catching lots of nice bass, there are some really nice fish that I have caught before.

Sometimes bring my friends to the beach and we would play basketball at the basketball court there and also play volleyball on the warm sand it was lots of fun. I remember times falling asleep to the sunset at my aunts cottage right on the waterfront. I always loved the cold fog that rolled in in the mornings. That’s what I would do when I was young at Port Stanley beach

Lake Erie, ON
Robert R

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