Rice Lake, Ontario - Jamie Haldenby

We have a cottage on an Island on Rice Lake. I have been going there since I was 1-2 years old. I would have the baby life jacket on and truck over to the islands.

We have been going there for a while now. The island has been in our family for quite a long time. This is where I generated my first love for water. I was able to go canoeing, kayaking, and swimming around the island, or to the other islands nearby.

There are a lot of little stories exploring and doing all these activities, but many connections with water. It was the first place I learned where to fish and how to fish.

My favourite thing about the Lake is the sandbar that sits off the island. The sandbars are actually a negative consequence of some erosion to the island, however it generated quite a fun spot on the island. It also encourages swimming in a safe location, where the water is more shallow. But there are always some negatives and positives. We have a lot of memories of all of our cousins sort of congregating in the sandbars for safety and hanging-out spot. We also had a giant yellow-board that was sort of a life-saving device, which we all used to hang out on , topple over, and do fun things with. A lot of great memories there.

Rice Lake, ON
Heather Rodriguez
Jamie Haldenby

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