Lake Temagami, ON - Grant Mason

My watermark is on Lake Temagami, Ontario when I was about 14 years old at summer camp.

It is when i was on a camping trip and we ran out of water that we brought. So I canoed out into the middle of the Lake, swam down about four meters, opened up a jug and filled it with water. I took it back to the campsite, and we were able to just drink the water.

It was kind of amazing that the water was so clean. We were out in the woods, and the water was crystal clear. You didn’t even have to filter it. It was the best tasting water I have ever had.

Lake Tamogymi is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is right on the Canadian shield, and there are lots of cliffs, and the Old Growth Forest. Also the water is really, really cold, so you know its Canada. The lake is also really deep, which adds an element of mystery to it. You don’t always know what beneath the waters. But the more time you spend there, the better sense you get for the life of the lake, and the life of the people affected by it.

I still go to camp there. I’m a big waterskier and I would swim in it every morning, do some occasional canoe trips, and general water activities. It is the life of the summer camp.

Lake Temagami, ON
Lyndsie McGregor
Grant Mason

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