Kingston Waterfront, ON - Benjamin Pulver

My Watermark is the Kingston Waterfront of Lake Ontario.

I cannot pick just one memory. Instead I can recount how the waterfront has been there for me.

For starters, as Joan Sharpe noted in her piece titled, 'Adorn,' the water is a place of, and for consolation.

When a very close dear and family member passed away this year, I often went down to the waterfront near KGH, to contemplate the calm ebb and flow of the shore. Needless to say, the waterfront holds a special place in my heart as an entity of consolation and (inner) reflection.

During exams when I reach peak stress levels, I sat by the shore to reflect on the larger aspect o life - and decompress. The calming effect of the water is an indispensable asset - that I am happy is so accessible to the public.

I'm sure I could write for pages and pages about my essential love for the kingston water front, but for now I will attest to the unique and peaceful nature the waterfront has always offered- and I know, will continue to offer.

The kingston waterfront is important to me because I simply can't imagine Kingston without it. Without the waterfront, kingston would be just another urbanized location (albeit, with a notable history). Honestly, the kingston waterfront is one of the main reasons I decided to continue living in Kingston and attend Queen's for post-secondary.

Lake Ontario, ON
Dana Jackson
Benjamin Pulver

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