Lake Erie, ON - Vince Cusick

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

Turkey Point is a little area off of Lake Erie, and a place where my family would pretty much go every summer to camp, enjoy the beach, and the little town and community that are there. Actually, between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, we would go through Goderich way as well, in addition to the provincial park in Turkey Point, as well as the Pinery, which is on Lake Huron.

Those had profound impacts on my life. I’ve had awesome memories there with the family. I’ve been able to go back there since, and re-live those memories, and kind of re-create some of my own memories with my friends.

I’d been going since I was a toddler, we would go every summer. My uncle would always build sand creatures, like big turtles, or big crocodiles in the sand. I just remember playing in the sand, and just running up and down the strip. As you get older too, you obviously have more fun on the peach strip too right. But the provincial parks have always been my connection to the waters, and shoreline. It’s been great. We do some frisbee in the water, and some water sports, in addition to swimming and jumping off the docks. It’s kind of stereotypical Canadian stuff, but they’re awesome memories made in Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

Lake Huron is crystal clear, whereas Lake Erie is super enjoyable, but you notice it is a bit more..’used’ I guess you could say. It’s a little bit less unkept but still well maintained.

Lake Erie, ON
Melanie Edmond
Vince Cusick

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