Lake Ontario, ON - Diana Lee

My body of water would be the Great Lakes, but I also love the river and lakes all over Ontario, because that’s my backyard, and that’s where I paddle.

I started paddling when I was really young. I started on a canoe at first, during my camping trips. Then I got into dragon boats, kayaks, and now my favourite way of experiencing the water-stand-up paddle boarding.

One of my fondest memories on the water, was experiencing stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. You are so close to the water, and it is my favourite way, and I think the best way to experience nature. Through stand-up paddle boarding you can go camping, do white water paddling, check out the sunrise/sunset and see the city from a different point of view. I think it’s also a wonderful way to see the Toronto skyline from the water.

Lake Ontario, ON
Liz Fernandez
Diana Lee

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