Mediterranean Sea, Turkey - Brian Hall

We’ve spent 10 years on the Mediterranean sailing. To this day we are still sailing, but the boat is back in Canada, after the diversity of the residents use their water for their livelihood.

Turkey was our favourite. We found that the people there were similar to Canadians, in terms of their sense of humour. They love the water, and they love tourists. There are people from all over the world that sail there. Water is their way of life. Whether you are from the UK or any of the Northern Climates, chances are you keep a boat in the Mediterranean.

We sailed the boat across the Atlantic Ocean in 2007, down the coast and into the Mediterranean. This year we brought the bought down to Kingston. The boat will stay in the Great Lakes for now, our home port is Bayfield. We going to go through the 1000 Islands this years, and then sail it back home.

Matt Flowers
Brian Hall

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