Lake Rosalind, Ontario - Kaye Leslie

I have three bodies of water that I have loved for different reasons. The first one is lake Rosalind. It is a small lake in Southwestern Ontario near Hanhover. It was a lake that I grew up on every summer. My parents had a little cottage there and every summer me, my siblings and my friends would spend the entire summer on the water. We would swim from morning to night. We had a little wee boat that since we were young, were able to ride around the lake in. Of course, as we got older, we canoed. It was such a wonderful waterbody because it had a lot of really amazing water life. There were turtles, lily pads, fish, and a pair of loons that we could hear. It was such a wonderful place to grow up on. Every time I go near there it, I think of my childhood days.

Lake Rosalind, ON
Charly Caproff
Kaye Leslie

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