Chandos Lake, ON - Glenn Rogers

My Watermark is Chandos Lake, Ontario.

We started going there when we were kids (probably in the early 60’s), and we didn't have a boat so we got an old sunken dock,sunken log, and paddled around. That was kind of our raft. We learned to waterski there. We had a boat with an 18 horsepower motor. With five gallons of gas we could ski continuously almost all day long at that age. Never stopped the boat. One guy jumped out and the other guy got in the boat, and went when the line was tight.

It was a great experience. We had an albacore sailboat, we used to set out at about 10 o’clock in the morning and come back home about at about four or five and just spend all day in the boat. We would tack all the way up the lake, and run down the rest of the lake. And when it was out wind, you would put it out into shore, and come home in time for dinner. So it was a great experience.

Chandos Lake, ON
Charly Caproff
Glenn Rogers

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