Four Mile Lake, ON - Chris Garrigan

The first episode of me visiting this waterbody was the day I was born. I was brought up there and put into the lake for baptism by my family.

I have a connection to this water, but I don’t think words can explain the connection that I have to this waterbody.

I am there every weekend. I have met some of the best people of my life up there. I met Tom Williams there, up in cottage country. We share a lot of good times, and a lot of passionate memories that I’ll remember forever up there. I think those are the most important times I have ever had.

It started off with swimming, and we had a swim out raft that we used to swim out to. The best part about it was the camp fire going beside the lake. There was always grandpa bringing in fresh fish that we would cook on the fire. So it started with the swim-out raft, the water wings, and the sauna.

But the best day of my entire life was when grandma let me take the tin boat out. She’s a twelve footer and with one person in it; it would zip across the lake. It was awesome. Then I had a see flee when I was about 14. Then we got into the boats..the super boats and then the sea doos.

Four Mile Lake, ON
Emma Smith
Chris Garrigan

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