Toronto Harbour, ON - Sarah Foscarini

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, Toronto.

This is where I spent a lot of summers as a youth. I have sailed out of there for most of my life. A lot of things that are significant in my life have happened near the water. I took my wedding photos near the water. My parents always sailed and since I was little, I have always sailed. Being near the water has always given me a really good, peaceful but energizing feeling.

Some things I remember when I was little, were my parents doing stuff on the boat, and I remember sort of standing on the edge of the dock. I was throwing rocks into the river, which you are not suppose to do, but I was 2/3 and I did it anyways. I was wearing a life jacket, and I took a step, and stepped too far and fell into the water. I don't remember feeling scared or nervous. I just remember falling into the water and then being picked up out of the water, with my life jacket on.

It's a story in my head. I remember swimming off the dock at the club (National Yatch Club), gong stand-up paddle boarding off the dock. Sailing and being around the water has been such a huge part of my life. I get into any body of water and I just feel so at home.

Also, one of my first memories of sailing is doing sailing lessons along the Harbour-front in the inner harbour. Tino Moberg Parker, who is an olympic sailor and now based in the west coast ran a junior sailor evening clinic. I remember being in my boat in the inner basin at National Yatch Club and sailing out of the gap to be in the lake.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Sarah Foscarini

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