Pigeon Lake, ON - Gary Laughlin

My Watermark is Pigeon Lake, Ontario.

I have been at the cottage for a long time. It’s family thing more than anything else. We have been there for many years, and we really enjoy it. We’re centred about 5km from Bob Cajun Ontario, and my in-laws used to be there as well. We use it as a family retreat, and go every weekend from May to September.

We mainly use PWC’s and just fish off the dock. We fish for pickerel, but we go jack lighting for carp as well, which is more fun at night. We get some big ones, but we don’t keep them, we let them go.

We are in the north end of Pigeon Lake, and the ongoing winds, and waves come on to our shoreline. We noticed an awful lot of seaweed, algae, and mussels that are just driving us crazy. You place a piece of rope in the water and hang it off the dock for a day or two and it will be covered. You have to wear shoes if you want to go in the water. I’ve noticed this over the last 10 years, maybe longer, but it’s getting to be a real problem. It only takes a few days of low wave action to see thick algae blooms. I don’t think its healthy because its been pretty severe some days.

Pigeon Lake, ON
Charly Caproff
Gary Laughlin

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