Quartz Lake, USA - Debbie McGrory

My Watermark is Quartz Lake, Alaska.

We crossed the border on the American side on our journey going into Alaska and the first place we came to, the Delta Junction, I said “I need to know where to fish” because it’s great up there in the mountains. So the lady at the information booth, she said “there’s this place 5 miles up the road, a few miles in, called Quartz Lake”. I said to John “we’ll go in there and check it out”.

So we get in there, get the boat in the water, we go out, and it’s an amazing amount of fish. We were just going to spend an evening there – but then left 5 days later. So we just fished and fished. The fish were unbelievable. There was rainbow trout, lake trout, all the species of fish, but they were all landlocked. It was amazing fishing. The fun – it was just hit after hit after hit after hit! I would hit one on, John would hit one on, so we couldn’t leave for 5 days.

Nobody lives at Quartz Lake, you just go there and camp up and go fishing. We did a fishing honeymoon, we did the Yukon, we drove the car across the Yukon, it has the world smallest desert, and the most beautiful footbridges and old train bridges. You could stand on there and throw a hook over there and catch all kinds of huge lake trout and arctic grayling.

Quartz Lake, USA
Claire Lawson
Debbie McGrory

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