Lake Ontario, ON - Angela Ward

My Watermark is Lake Ontario near Ajax.

It's really special to me because I spent many summers there as a kid playing in the playground by the lake. Nowadays I take walks there with my family. It was nice to see everyone cycling and walking and people having picnics by the lake; it's just really nice atmosphere. I found out recently that from all the rain we've had and all the storms that the lake was actually closed off because part of the shoreline had eroded and part of the path was gone. That was upsetting to see. But it's good to be aware of that stuff and to know what's happening with your waterbodies and along the.

It has impacted my community. There was a lot of shock of seeing that happen to the shoreline. I know it's a place that a lot of people go to enjoy picnics an just to go in the summer. And I think there's even fireworks there that they have for Canada Day so it's unfortunate.

Lake Ontario, ON
Melanie Edmond
Angela Ward

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