Lake Ontario, ON - Myuri Jeyabalachandran

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

My name is Myuri and I'm at Toronto's Harbourfront because myself and four other co-workers work for EsteƩ Lauder, in which me and Vivian are leading the philanthropy team for Canada at EsteƩ Lauder. We look at some nonprofits and ways to just give back, and so Vivian found Lake Ontario Waterkeeper which is great. It's in Toronto and I love the harbourfront area. It didn't take any convincing for me to come. As a citizen of Toronto I come to the harbourfront at least once a week. So I would say the waterbody I feel most connected to is Lake Ontario. However, not just Lake Ontario, I feel connected to lakes and ponds, and the local park that I visit very often and care about.

For example, me and my ex-boyfriend, used to go to a park called Toogoode Pond Park, in Markham. We would walk around and see the docks and stuff but I feel like if I started seeing less ducks or you know dead fish or something it would make me sad.

I participate in water activities when I'm down by the Harbour-front. I rented a boat last year and then this year we are looking to rent another boat and just go around.

I grew up around Scarborough so it was the same kind of walking around ponds/lakes and having water present when you're at a time of peace. My friend that I used to hang out with he loved nature and I love it too.It's very calm and relaxing. It's good to have.

Lake Ontario, ON
Dana Jackson

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