Ottawa River, ON - Agata Rudd

My Watermark is Ottawa River, Ontario. There are many waterbodies I feel connected to. It was a difficult choice, but I really want to talk about the Ottawa River.

I only moved to Canada a month ago and I am from the UK. So my partner and I did a trip to go canoeing on the Ottawa River, which has got some amazing rapids. That was precisely why we were there, to try the rapids, after two days training. It was pretty intense.

Every time we approached the rapid we had a very clear plan on how we were going to avoid the worst of the rapid, to make sure not to capsize. But with our skills, which were only two days old, we managed to get through all the worst of the rapids and not capsize. They turned out to not to be as scary as they looked and they were just amazing fun, and so exhilarating. The adrenaline was high. I recommend the Ottawa River and canoeing on the water there.

I'm very passionate about the environment and sustainability in general. I did volunteer back in the UK with a water charity as well, which was trying to tackle water pollution on the Thames River, and the local rivers there. So I really wanted to continue that here. Also because I love water sports and my connection with water is genuinely really strong through surfing, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, canoeing now etc. The water activity I am most fond of at the moment is canoeing, but I want to try lake surfing.

I think apart from just enjoying the water that we have access to, it is actually really important that we actually get back as well and protect it so that everyone else can enjoy it.

Ottawa River, ON
Dana Jackson
Agata Rudd

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