Buck Lake, ON - Cyndy Gibson

My Watermark is the beautiful Buck Lake, in Ontario, which one third of is part of Frontenac Provincial Park.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be out there for 25 years. I have young children now who swim in it multiple times a day and I adore it.

I myself swim in it all the time, whenever possible. I also skate on it, and walk alongside it, and just enjoy it. I love it.

My community is also really connected to it. The area ranges from cottage, to farm, to provincial park area, with families that have been there for five generations, but there are also brand new people from Toronto, but the elements, they connect us.

I haven’t seen to much change while I’ve been here. We have been lucky enough to not see too much development. This past summer, when we had a really large rain event, I did see the lake go up a foot and a half, in one night, and my grandfather’s aluminum boat that I’m in charge of, sank. But other than that, things have remained the same. The parks keeps things pretty stable. Except for the zebra mussels, which were not there 25 years ago. Other than that, I feel the same sense of community and affinity for the elements.

Buck Lake, ON
Dana Jackson
Cyndy Gibson

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