Wolfe Island Music Festival 2017 created 95 watermarks.
The Wolfe Island Music Festival festival took place on August 11th and 12th. Swim Drink Fish Canada was honoured to present the Waterkeeper Showcase on the opening day of the Wolfe Island Music Festival. The Waterkeeper Showcase featured Said the Whale, Your Boy, The Kents, and Lou Canon.
Atlantic Ocean
Craig MacEachern
Atlantic Ocean
Megan Sidwa
Bagmati River, Nepal
Terri-Lynn Brennan
Big Crow Lake, ON
Jana Philip
Blue Sea Lake, QC
Heather Evans
Bobs Lake, ON
Tori Hunniford
Buck Lake, ON
Cyndy Gibson
Buck Lake, ON
Stella Sakell
Caribbean Sea, Colombia
Maria Amaya
Clear Lake, ON
Anne Lougheed
Clear Lake, ON
Stewart Thornley
Coldwater River, ON
Elizabeth Powell
Coulonge River, QC
Jana Mills
Eels Lake, ON
Steve Purificeti
Elbow Lake, ON
Susie Jenkins
English Bay, BC
Lucas Wang
Esson Lake, ON
Will Hunter
Georgia Strait, BC
Said The Whale
Georgian Bay, ON
Tanner Paré
Great Slave Lake, NT
Shelby Yee
Grippen Lake, ON
Niki Hodgskiss
Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI
Rebecca Bartlett
Gull Lake, ON
Anne-Marie Laplante
Lake Ontario, ON
Dylan On