Lang Lake, ON - Karlee Jalbert

My Watermark is Lang Lank, in Northern Ontario.

I grew up on that lake every summer. My grandparents have a cottage there. They helped raise me so I lived there every summer since I was a kid. I was actually just there last weekend. I couldn't go last summer because the lake was still frozen, and it was really sad, so it was very nice to get to go back.

My grandparents live on the tip of Lang but it stretches pretty far down. It is quite big, but it is in a larger grouping of other lakes, but where their cottage is, is my favourite.

Last weekend my whole family was there, and they went on a canoe trip, so my last day there was soaking up the sun and being on the Pontoon boat, and there were no kids! I love them to death but it was super nice to just lay on the boat with no yelling. I would love to always go there, but it’s 8 hours away, and it’s harder now with work.

Lang Lake, ON
Dana Jackson
Karlee Jalbert

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