Georgian Bay, ON - Dick Hibma

My Watermark is Georgian Bay.

The body of water that I’d like to talk about would be, Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron. My story about Georgian Bay is: I’m getting to be an old guy, and I was born and raised in a little village on the shore of Georgian bay, just north of Owen Sound. If you turn the map the right way, it’s under the tail of the elephant, is how we described it.

I’ve been around that area long enough, 61 years, to see that lake, that Bay, that waterbody, change in terms of water level. Seeing changes around the landscape in and around that area; seeing how the species that are evolved there. Just how we interact with the water has changed over those years.

But at the same time, having been born and raised on the shore of the bay, I find that trying to live somewhere inland away from it, doesn’t work. It’s like a tide that pulls be back. I think that it’s common for a lot of people who live on or around the Great Lakes. They can’t live elsewhere because the water keeps drawing them back.

Georgian Bay, ON
Claire Lawson
Dick Hibma

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