Cochran Lake, USA - David Ullrich

My Watermark is Cochran Lake, Wisconsin.

Cochran Lake is a 125 acre water body in Vilas County, Northern Wisconsin. I started going there when I was 4 years old in 1952 and still go there today. It was my first experience swimming, water skiing, fishing, sailing, duck hunting and everything else you can do with water. It is eutrophic, and experienced serious algal blooms, weed growth, and high coliform counts.

Under the direction of microbiology professor Dr. Koby Crabtree of the U of Wisconsin, Marathon County, I gathered water quality data in 1970 and presented it to the board of directors of the lake association and convinced them to begin an aggressive weed harvesting, aeration, and septic system replacement program. The water quality has improved dramatically over the years and it is now one of the most productive fishing lakes in the area. This started me on a 44 year career in environmental protection, with a special emphasis on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence.

Cochran Lake, USA
Claire Lawson
David Ullrich

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