Mijinemungshing Lake, ON - Jim Tovey

Jim Tovey, I’m from Mississauga.

I have lots of different favourite waterbodies, I love the Great Lakes, I represent the city of Mississauga and the Region of Peel on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative that’s a hundred and seventeen mayors from right around the Great Lakes basin so I love the Great Lakes but there's a lot of lakes up north of Wawa that I really like to put my canoe in.

I think probably to the most special lake to my wife and I would be a lake called Mijinemungshing which is a beautiful lake north of Superior. And we’ve practiced no trace camping for about forty years. I built my own canoe, I build a canoe that seventeen foot nine, its carries twelve hundred pounds so we can do three week-long trips very cushy trips as well. We set up a big base camp there's a lot of lovely big islands in Mijinemungshing and the beautiful thing about that lake is that it has never seen a motorboat so when you dive into the water and you’re just breaking the surface you just get this incredible aroma of pure fresh water hitting your nose as you break the water its spectacular. I wish all water was like that. .

Chloe Cross
Jim Tovey

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