Lake Ontario, ON - Beth Denaburg

I’m from Toronto, I think my favourite waterbody just because I’ve always lived on it, is Lake Ontario.

I grew up in Toronto, I went to school in Kingston so I’ve always felt a connection to the lake because I’ve always lived on it. A lot of my childhood experiences were on the waterfront of Lake Ontario. One [memory] that comes to mind is I did canoe camp at Harbourfront Toronto and we would canoe to Toronto Island and around Toronto Island to learn canoeing and on the way back from Toronto Island one of the canoe’s in our group, tipped over and my canoe was the one that rescued them I guess, the canoe over canoe rescue and they were all wet. So we went back to the island, got on a ferry, then had to portage the canoes through downtown Toronto from Toronto’s ferry docks back to Harbour Front. And we got a lot of weird looks but it was really fun, it was kind of an exciting way to be like “yeah we’re Toronto water users, we were canoeing in a lake and now we’re trying to get home.” And that was kind of a fun experience with Toronto’s water.

Lake Ontario, ON
Chloe Cross
Beth Denaburg

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